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The EX HMAS Tobruk
It is now open for bookings

Dive Trip Bookings

Welcome to Tobruk Dive Centre we are now Offering Trips to the EXHMAS Tobruk Dive Site 

Our  new Ultra Modern Dive Vessel is Under Construction due April / May 

We currently have two vessels in our fleet to get you diving the Tobruk 

For the smaller bookings

Trips less than 10 divers 

We have our :

Specialised Dive Catamaran    (Catfish )

For over 10 divers 

We have the biggest dive vessel you may have travelled on to  a  Dive Site 

The Spirit of Hervey Bay 

Cost includes :

2 dive cylinders and weights $295

If you  require EVERYTHING 

We mean Snorkel gear SCUBA Gear Safety Gear The Lot $325 

Groups over 10 people click below 

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Welcome to Tobruk Dive Centre Hervey Bay

Location Of the EX HMAS Tobruk

Tobruk Dive Centre Hervey Bay

The EX - HMAS Tobruk is a mammoth vessel  

The Tobruk  is resting on the ocean bed 

25 Nautical Miles from Hervey Bay  

The starboard side is resting on the ocean bed at about 28 metres


First contact with the Tobruk is at 14 metres on the port side of the vessel 

There is plenty of wreck to see for ALL diver levels 


The massive propellers are at a depth for Basic SCUBA level at about 17 to 18 metres 

The Tobruk is in the middle of Hervey Bay we are expecting Manta Rays even Whales to visit 

When can we dive the Tobruk?


The EX-HMAS Tobruk is open for Diving

From the 25th of February 2019

Many more access and egress points have been  designed to offer maximum enjoyment and safety

This will be a unique dive site and on all the list of all keen divers must dive list

Many divers will return to dive again as the vessel is mammoth 

The fish life and turtles are already calling the ship home  

Who can dive the Tobruk

Tobruk Dive Centre Hervey Bay

The Tobruk will be accessible to ALL level of divers 

Openwater Divers  

Dive to 18 metres  non penetration dives 

The Propellors are in this depth range 

Advanced Divers upwards 

Will be able to swim through the allocated areas 

Being able to see light or an access hole or egress at all times will be a big safety criteria

Our Trip will Include :


Two Dive Cylinders 

Weight Belts 


Dive Guide 

The Vessel will be modern and comfortable 

A joint venture between two of Hervey bays most experienced operators 

The vessel displayed above will be utilised for groups over 10 divers 

If we have less than 10 divers we have a fast catamaran to get you to the dive site 

Until we have our new ultra modern dive vessel about April/May 

Most of our Dive Equipment is Sherwood Dive equipment 

Come Dive with Us !!


Our Master Instructor Owner Tour Operator is Glenn 

Diving experience second to none in the Hervey Bay Region  

A  diver for 38 years 

Master SCUBA  Instructor for 35 years 

He has personally trained thousands of divers to all levels in 35 years 

In addition he has served concurrently as a Senior Paramedic with the Ambulance Service retired

His many skills include 

Diver Medical Technician 

 First Aid Instructor 

 Master < 24 metres 

 Boat and Jet Ski License Testing Officer 

 Radio Operators License 

We will be training our dive guides to the highest level 

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